Saturday, May 12, 2007


Hi everyone,

Its confirmed, I have shifted my blog to:

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Thanks for visiting me here though! :)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Delivery Story (Part 2)

I am a breastfeeding mother. In my previous post, I mentioned that my baby was brought to me quite late as I was expecting my baby to be sent to me after the necessary checks. I have wanted to bond with my baby as soon as possible. But it took them ages to send my baby to me. But what can I expect when I am in a Government Hospital unlike other mothers who deliver in private hospital who gets to bond wioth their baby right after delivery.

Back to breastfeeding, when I was handed my baby, instantly I put him into feeding position and started my breastfeeding journey. But baby has other opinion. He rather sleep than start to learn sucking milk! I had to try and try to wake this tiny baby (only 2.75kg) to try to stimulate my breast to produce milk! Even some nurse who passes by try to wake my baby and get him to suck! But this cool baby don't even want to wake up. No choice, so I have to try again later.

When I was sent (by an ambulance) to the ward to rest, my hubby met my parent who coincidently was at the hospital as my mother was due for a checkup. So, my mom and dad were there to see their grandchid on his birth day! I guess it must be a happy day for them as they and I did not guessed that I will deliver so early. And we were having dinner yesterday together and there was no symptoms of delivery at all!

Sleeping at night was difficult as I am too worried about my baby: too cold, any mosquito bite, light not dim enough, needs milk and etc. So, i sleep with my spectacles on (its the same with my firstborn). I will check on my baby very often and at the slightest movement. I guess all these are mother instict on how protective we are towards our baby.

Although how much I dot on my newborn, I also missed my elder son who is at home. i wondered how he coped without me on his side especially during sleep time. He is very close to me and loves me so much. I just can't wait to see him when I get home.

Hubby comes during the visitng hours bringing home made food (prepared by my mother-in-law). I am so lucky to have him visiting me and bringing me food.

After a round of check by doctor that both of us are well, we are allowed to be discharged. How happy it is for us. I just can't wait to go home and show my elder son of his new brother. :)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Delivery Story (Part 1)

In this post, I will share my experience on the day my baby was born. Each mother has their own story to tell and here is mine.

It was August 28, 2006 and it was still 3 weeks early to my due date.At around 1am, I have started to have mild contractions and could not sleep. I manage to catnap in between contractions while in sitting position. At around 3am plus, the contractions began stronger but bearable and I really could not sleep now. When I go to the washroom, I notice that my panty liner was stained with blood. Now I really suspected something is not right.

I showered and washed my hair at 6am. Trimmed my nails and move my bowel. Then I took a cup of hot Milo to beat my hunger pang. Then I called my gynae, Dr Menon at 7am to see what I should do. He suggested I should go straight to hospital or see him at 10am at his clinic. I told hubby (who was still sleeping) that we should go to General Hospital and we were in our car at 8.30am. We reached there at about 9am and a check by a nurse there that I am already 4cm dilated.

Quickly all procedures of admission is processed and I am wheeled into labour room. A matron and a trainee nurse came in and told me that they will assist me in the delivery. A fetal monitor is then strapped onto my belly for monitoring. Not long later, a Chinese Dr Foo came in and checked on me and told me I am 5cm dilated. I asked him how long do I have to wait before I can deliver and he said normally it will 1 hour for 1cm dilation. At that time, it was approximately 10am. After the doctor went out, my contractions began stronger and nearer. The trainee nurse quickly informs another matron of my condition. When the matron saw me, she knows that I am really in labour and helped me. In 3 pushes, my baby was born naturally to this world. The time was 10.53am. I was glad. Later, the matron guided the trainee nurse to stitch me up.
It took them 1 ½ hours to stitch me back. After stitching, they left me waiting until 1.45pm when they brought my baby to me. At 3pm, they brought me to a ward to rest.

Monday, April 23, 2007


Boy, was it long since I last posted. Sorry about that................

Well, it was all due to my delivery of my new baby. It took away all of my time and energy. I did not have anymore luxury of logging on to the Internet.

Now, my baby is almost 8months! Imagine how time flies!! How old I have become. From now onwards, I vow to try to get some luxury time to log on to the net and get back my life!

Will post my delivery story next time, yeah!

Till then, take care!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

An update on my son

He is now 23 months old. His size is not too fat and not too thin either. He weighs less than 10.5kg and stands approximately 80cm plus. His does not have much hair and we kept it short most of the time.

Sometimes he wants to be independent but sometimes he likes to rely on me. He likes to be independent when it comes to food. He likes to feed himself most of the time. I like this type of independence. Whenever he sees somebody is eating, he will likely go into the kitchen and get himself a small plate and fork or spoon hoping to share the food with you. But I do not like this type of independence. To me, it is greedy. But this is one bad habit kids in my MIL’s house practice. I could not stop him as he sees others do it everyday.

He is also potty trained during the day which he is able to tell if he wants ‘she she’ (pee) or ‘mmm mmm’ (poo). Even nowadays when I bring him out to shopping, he will be diaperless. But during his night sleep, he still need a diaper as sometimes he peed but sometimes he does not. I planned to train him in this coming months if possible.

He is able to put on his pants on his own but he likes to rely on me to help him. I should have insist he put on himself but each time he will make funny faces when he is asked to put it on himself.

His vocabulary is expanding each day. But his sentences only consist of 2-3 words. He is not a chatty kind of guy just like daddy, so probably it is the reason why he is slow in this area. He talks mostly mandarin and English as everyone except me converse in mandarin while I speaks English to him. When we go back to my dad’s house, they will talk to him in Cantonese instead. Hopefully he will be multilingual.

He likes watching TV very much. His eyes are glued to the TV most of the time. Even when I am dressing him after a bath or change him into his pajamas, his eyes are fixed to the TV.

He likes to see animals and insects such as dogs, cats, birds, lizards, butterfly, worms and etc. He is very affectionate to them too. But he is shy and timid too as he does not dare to touch them nor go near to them. He likes to see from a far.

He likes to be carried around especially by me. He always says: love mommy, love daddy and love baby. He would always lavish me with hugs and kisses too. ZM, mommy love you too!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


These days, the sky looks gloomy. Sometimes, i thought it was going to rain, but it never did. Tall buildings sometimes dissapear or look so blur.

My sister-in-law advised us that don't bring our children to the park due to haze. She says let them stay indoor would be better. Better be safe than sorry. I bet clinics are reporting higher cases of asthma and breathing problem kids. Since now it is also the school holiday, i bet many kids tend to go to their nearby playground and park for some good fun. Unfortunately this is not a good activity for this holiday.

I wonder why we Malaysians always have haze problem. Everyone should do their part in not practising open burning. Plantation owners should not take the easy way out to burn those crops. It is worse when the weather is hot and humid and the wind bring on those dirty air. All these leads to global warming and affects our lovely earth. Why no body cares?

Since all of us are sharing the earth and most of us have young offspring, i think we all should have some responsibility in keeping our earth healthy.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Moon cake festival

Moon cake festival will fall on early October this year. But if you frequent shopping complexes, you can see various restaurant and bakeries have started to set up promotional booths selling moon cakes few weeks back.

I remember when I was small, moon cakes are very cheap and they don’t come in many varieties to choose from. But nowadays, the price of just one piece of moon cake could cost you RM10.00 for those special types and new flavour! The normal ones like red bean paste will cost you at least RM5.00. Isn’t that expensive? Some who prefers the double yolk will have to pay double the price which is approximately RM10.00! Well, at least for comfort, we know that these companies are coming up with new ideas to sell these moon cake with adding more varieties. Now, you can easily find flovours such as chocolate, tiramisu, strawberries, yam, pineapple, berries, cheese and many more. The prices of these new flavours do not come cheap!

I like to eat moon cake although sometimes I find it too sweet. My mom knows how to make jelly moon cake which is quite different from the normal conventional type. This year again, I will not be able to celebrate the moon cake festival as I will be under confinement (did not celebrate 2 years ago as I was also under confinement). Too bad…… how I wish I can eat as much as I can as usually my MIL will prepare a feast during that day. And after dinner, family members will gather and eat moon cakes, fruits and some snacks on our porch. Children will get to play with lanterns and adults will help to light up some candles.

Since moon cakes are sold abundantly now, I think I will grab some and stuff myself now before I deliver. At least it will satisfy my disappointment latter and my baby in my tummy can taste it too! Happy Moon Cake Festival to everyone! :)